See what people are saying about Pablito Greco 's Xtango tutoring method here.That was the best close-embrace group class I have ever done! - Mary F., New York

The way Pablito is challenging his apprenticies inside the class is, to say the least, inspiring. - Lenny P., Toronto

Ich fühle, dass ich nach der Klasse alles machen kann. - Friedrich L., Hamburg

Элегантный, прямой и интимный, как обычно. - Valery N., Moscow

 Xtango is an extraordinary, elegant tutoring method by Pablito Greco that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar. A completely new relationship between educator and apprentice. Xtango will change how you see your tango and what you can do with it.

 Pablito is tutoring the Xtango method in North America and Europe. The Xtango method provides a clear understaning of what tango culture is, from the ground up. With focus on simple but vivid language which is accompanied with specific and comprehensive examples, apprentices are able to easily absorb, create, and develop their own mental and physical library about tango and its culture. Xtango focuses on the apprentice (thus the "X") not the educator. The educator is treated as a medium or vessel of inspiration and positive motivation.

 Our new multimedia ebook Tango FAQs Facts and our singular videocast presented by Pablito, is the complete package for all things tango; and compliments our Xtango tutoring method.   See the ebook ►    Watch the videocast ► 

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Tango FAQs Facts ebook

See what people are saying about Pablito Greco 's Tango FAQs Facts ebook here.I am so excited to be part of this modern “Bible” of tango culture. - Liam D., New York

Ich trage dieses Buch überall wo ich hingehe, in meinem smartphone. Ist das toll? Yeah! - Daniel W., Berlin

Belle ebook! J’ai beaucoup appris de mon tango. - Adrien S., Paris

Tango FAQs & Facts это настоящее и будущее культуры танго! - Aleksandr K., Moscow

 Pablito Greco 's Tango FAQs Facts is the first multimedia ebook in tango culture ’s history, and is made for thousands of students, educators, dancers, performers, studios, organizations, and for everybody involved in the dance industry. See the ebook ►    

 Pablito Greco 's Tango FAQs Facts ebook is written in a vibrant language and is composed to fulfill the need for knowledge and inspire the study of tango culture. Assisted by dance codes, answers to FAQs, facts, music, history, videos, audio, and images that cover a vast variety of subjects; it works as reference ebook or quick guide, full of tips, tricks, and secrets... Buy the ebook >

 Pablito Greco 's Tango FAQs Facts ebook comes as an extraodinary addition and compliments Xtango method, by providing priceless resources in an all-in-one package. The ebook is very feedback-focused so we always love to receive suggestions or additions from our readers. This is the way to make our ebook bigger and better.

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Pablito Greco

 Pablito Greco is an artist and entrepreneur. He has been distinguished as an educator, writer, and dance performer. Wikipedia's article >   See the videos ► 

 Pablito is working on developing further his projects Xtango method, Tango Radios (all-in-one tango music and learning destination), and Tango FAQs Facts (first multimedia ebook in tango culture ’s history).

 Pablito loves working on the promotion of tango culture worldwide, and he is always positive on assisting fellow projects that have the same orientation. Having the vastest online tango network, Pablito is delighted to provide support for anyone that seeks more exposure for a new or established tango project.

 Feel free to contact Pablito Greco for everything regarding tango, his projects, or simply some good old chat.

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