Pablito Greco is a renowned and influential voice in international creativity’s ecosystem. Hailed as an artist and entrepreneur, Greco is an admired educator, motivational speaker, personal trainer, writer, dance performer, and lecturer.

Greco produced several worldwide projects such as Tangrecia®, JD MILANO®, SmilyTango®, and many others. Greco focused also on expanding his capacities in the field of personal training and fitness.

He is also the director and producer of the short film La Bruja and several short clips. He has been honored many times with official support by the Embassy of Republic of Argentina in Greece and the city of Thessaloniki, for his projects in tango dance and the creation and promotion of dance tourism.

Greco is the author of many revolutionary Multi-touch educational books such as Horografia®, Tango FAQs & Facts®, Tangoem®, and many others.

He is building his vision by respecting the ancient Greek knowledge of the eternal learning process, with which he fulfills his dreams. His ideas, words and actions continue to unchain the minds, shake the souls, vitalize the bodies and beating the hearts.