The extraordinary benefits of joining the Toronto Xtango Classes by Pablito Greco.

 (1) Access.
(a) $5 off on your entrance fee at TangoLoft milonga; the most prominent social tango event in Ontario.
(b) $50 off on your booking for Tango Night Secrets Airbnb experience; the de facto Toronto event for people who want to engage with tango culture.
(c) +2 classes if you are a student.
(d) Participate to unique, impactful, and fun private and public Xtango Projects.
(e) Exclusive access to Xtangos Hub resources!
(f) The best locations for indoor and outdoor classes.

 (2) Learn.
(a) A ton of laughs and great ambience that propel learning.
(b) Top of its class educational method.
(c) Individualized curated feedback for all students, using multimedia tools.
(d) Free online resources through www.pablitogreco.com.

 (3) Physical.
(a) Immediate increase on neuromuscular coordination capacity.
(b) Huge stability improvement.
(c) Increased muscle tone on upper and lower body.
(d) Greater range of motion in all major joints.
(e) Better flexibility in major muscle groups.
(f) Tremendous development of body control in movements.

 (4) Social.
(a) Have fun for countless of hours!
(b) Meet new people and make new friends!
(c) Broaden your network.
(d) Share priceless experiences by interacting and dancing.
(e) Fast development on adjusting actions in relation to others' actions; coordination.
(f) Advancement on actively looking for ways to evolve compassionately and grow psycho-socially with people; service orientation.
(j) Foremost, increased ability of being aware of others' reactions and able to respond in an understanding manner; social perceptiveness.

Come as you are and enjoy the benefits by purchasing NOW your Xtango classes from the top right corner!

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