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about the book

"Tango Secrets. Tips, Tricks, Truth, History, Culture" by Educator X, a vital new innovative tool for the multi-billion dance industry. our goal is to give the entire dance community, the most enriched experience of tango culture that contemporary media technology and talented educators can provide.

Tango Secrets is essential and practical. written in a vibrant, simple language it is composed to fill the need for knowledge and motivate further study of tango culture and dance in general. assisted by glossary, graphics, images, audio, videos, links, answers to super popular questions, and facts that cover a vast variety of subjects; it works as reference book, quick guide, and a small encyclopedia, full of tips, tricks, truth, history, and culture.

Tango Secrets was realized by the contributions of 40 worldwide tango maestros and 100 social tango dancers. so it is created by dance people for dance people and beyond. it conveys more than 15 years of worldwide experience as social dancers, educators, performers, and researchers in dance. new content is often available for free, after you register in our email list here.

Tango Secrets goes far beyond simple cold tips or philosophical theories on dance and tango. we only embrace real educational knowledge from real people that talk to the hearts, minds, and souls of the vast majority.

the book is available at Apple's iBooks Store, Google Play Books, and starting 2021 will be published in print at Amazon.

category: dance, performing arts, general

author: Educator X

updated: november 2020 (26.000 words, f.a.s.)

published: 2nd edition, november 1, 2020 (26.000 words) / 1st edition, february 12, 2013 (19.000 words)

publisher: Pablito Greco Ltd.

print length: 270 pages

target: paperback, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Kindle

language: english

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