Pablito Greco Blog Mondays 9PM, 427 Bloor Street West (map below for October-May, call us for June-September location). Drop-in for class and practica available. The incredible Loyalty Program, Google Reviews, and Gift certificates!

 1st and 3rd Saturdays 8PM, 206 Beverley Street. Class and milonga drop-in available. Google Reviews and the guidelinesWear comfortable, light, not-too-tight clothes, and shoes with leather soles if possible (avoid rubber).

Bring with you an extra t-shirt, your favourite deodorant, and foremost your biggest smile!
for newcomers.

 Easy, fast, and fun learning in Tango with Toronto 's international tango teacher. With over 10 years of professional tango performing and tutoring around the world, and more than 5000 teaching hours to hundreds of students, Pablito Greco is a vivid example of what you can do with strong foundations, creativity, and genuine tango passion.

 Through Xtango classes you will learn the fun, elegance, grace, improvisation skills, as well as the secret tango etiquette. You will participate into comprehensive lessons in Tango structure, technique, and musicality that prepare you to master concepts and skills efficiently. You will grow socially, technically, artistically, and be able to dance with everybody. We care and want to empower YOU, propel your progress!

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