Loyalty Program


 The Loyalty Program for Toronto Xtango Classes by Pablito Greco can be yours if you join us!

 Points & Referrals.
(*) 2 points for every Xtango class you attend.
(*) Participate complementary to 10 group classes, if you introduce 2 new Xtangos to Monday class (after purchasing series).
(*) 2 points for every day of volunteering at TTX festival.

50 points 100 points 200 points
1 Xtango Private 2 Xtango Private 3 Xtango Private
or 5 Xtango Group gift or 10 Xtango Group gift or 15 Xtango Group gift
or Book + 2 Xtango Group or Book + 4 Xtango Group or Book + 6 Xtango Group

 Affiliations & Benefits.
(*) $5 off on your entrance fee at TangoLoft milonga; the most prominent social tango event in Ontario.
(*) $50 off on your booking for Tango Night Secrets Airbnb experience; the de facto Toronto event for people who want to engage with tango culture.

(*) Fast, fun, and friendly educational method which is top of its class in North America.
(*) +2 classes complementary if you have a student ID.
(*) Participate to unique, impactful, and fun private and public Xtango Projects.
(*) Exclusive access to Xtangos Hub resources!
(*) 1.5 hrs long class that includes practice time.
(*) The best locations for indoor and outdoor classes.

(*) A ton of laughs and great ambience that propel learning.
(*) Amazing classmates that share the same passion.
(*) Individualized curated feedback for all students, using multimedia tools.
(*) Free online resources through www.pablitogreco.com.

(*) Immediate increase on neuromuscular coordination capacity.
(*) Huge stability improvement.
(*) Increased muscle tone on upper and lower body.
(*) Greater range of motion in all major joints.
(*) Better flexibility in major muscle groups.
(*) Tremendous development of body control in movements.

(*) Have fun with diverse people for countless of hours!
(*) Meet new people and make new friends!
(*) Broaden your network.
(*) Share priceless experiences by interacting and dancing.
(*) Fast development on adjusting actions in relation to others' actions; coordination.
(*) Advancement on actively looking for ways to evolve compassionately and grow psycho-socially with people; service orientation.
(*) Foremost, increased ability of being aware of others' reactions and able to respond in an understanding manner; social perceptiveness.

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