Pablito & Anastasia

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 September 20-23th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give a series of Xtango classes at Toronto Tango Experience (TTX).

 August 6th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will conclude the secret tango project!

 July 27th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give an Xtango class and performance for BallroomTo (Casa Ricca Banquet Hall), starting 7:45PM. Book your table at cathygullo12@gmail.com or 416 621 7878!

 July 17th 2018 - Pablito Greco gives a 360 tango interview to Joe Yang!

 June 26th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give an Xtango class and performance for Dance Social Toronto (Alleycatz), starting 8:45PM!

 Pablito Greco is a celebrated and inspiring artist and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Pablito has created and developed some of the most prominent projects for tango culture globally; supported by worldwide cultural institutions and organizations. Anastasia Fina is a powerful new generation dancer that brings the elegance, precision, and skills of athletic movement into the uniqueness of tango. Pablito and Anastasia is a new, exciting, and spectacular dance couple which bridges contemporary movement elements with the timeless structure of tango.

 Toronto Xtango Classes every Monday 9PM, 427 Bloor St West, and every 1st and 3rd Saturday 8PM, 206 Beverley St. Mondays' drop-in for class and practica $25, Saturdays' drop-in for class and milonga $25 through cash or Interac. The incredible Loyalty Program, Google Reviews, and Gift certificates, and the guidelinesWear comfortable, light, not-too-tight clothes, and shoes with leather soles if possible (avoid rubber).

Bring with you an extra t-shirt, your favourite deodorant, and foremost your biggest smile!
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