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 March 1st 2019 - Pablito Greco shoots the first episode of the tango series "Why Tango?" in Toronto, Canada; with the first participant to be Anastasia Fina.

 February 15th 2019 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will perform in the most iconic luxury hotel in the City of Toronto, The Windsor Arms Hotel.

 January 1st 2019 - The Consulate of Argentina in Toronto interviewed Pablito Greco about tango culture!

 December 11th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will perform for the biggest luxury hospitality brand in the world, The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

 September 20-23th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give a series of Xtango classes at Toronto Tango Experience (TTX).

 August 6th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will conclude the secret tango project!

 July 27th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give an Xtango class and performance for BallroomTo (Casa Ricca Banquet Hall), starting 7:45PM. Book your table at cathygullo12@gmail.com or 416 621 7878!

 July 17th 2018 - Pablito Greco gives a 360 tango interview to Joe Yang!

 June 26th 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give an Xtango class and performance for Dance Social Toronto (Alleycatz), starting 8:45PM!

 Pablito Greco is a celebrated and inspiring artist and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Pablito has created and developed some of the most prominent projects for tango culture globally; supported by worldwide cultural institutions and organizations. Anastasia Fina is a powerful new generation dancer that brings the elegance, precision, and skills of athletic movement into the uniqueness of tango. Pablito and Anastasia is a new, exciting, and spectacular dance couple which bridges contemporary movement elements with the timeless structure of tango.

 Mondays 9PM (2 group classes), 427 Bloor Street West. Drop-in for class and practica available. The incredible Loyalty Program, Google Reviews, and Gift certificates!

 1st and 3rd Saturdays 8PM, 206 Beverley Street. Class and milonga drop-in available. Google Reviews and the guidelinesWear comfortable, light, not-too-tight clothes, and shoes with leather soles if possible (avoid rubber).

Bring with you an extra t-shirt, your favourite deodorant, and foremost your biggest smile!
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