Toronto Tango

Toronto Tango

 Private Toronto Tango classes email Pablito Greco at pablito@pablitogreco.com. Pablito is the only one who provides onsite private classes in the Great Toronto Area.

 Group Toronto Tango classes at 427 Bloor St W (Spadina subway), every Monday 9PM.

 The video that you will watch below was a product of pure Toronto Tango from Pablito Greco and Anna Borshch, during one of the most significant dance events ever took place in Toronto. It is just one of the bright dance examples of professional execution in a collaborating environment.

 Toronto has many flavours, and so is the tango. This city reminds a lot the beginning of tango culture, at the Rio De la Plata region. Millions of immigrants, dozens of cultures, and a unique mix. With the same singularity, the Xtango method matches perfectly the mentality, atmosphere, and motto (Coat of Arms) of Toronto; Diversity our Strength. By having a palette of colours you have more of everything. More ideas, more inspiration, more opinions, more achievements; more of everything. Therefore Toronto Tango is certainly the most suitable place in the world to spread and develop the unique Xtango method.

 Pablito Greco 's Xtango brought the freshness, boldness, and prestige that Toronto Tango was missing for many years. It is only rational to assume that it is going to get better and better through time, bringing more people into this embracing culture.

 Thank you Toronto Tango for embracing Pablito Greco 's Xtango method! I hope you can join our Xtango classes in Toronto soon.

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