Xtango is an extraordinary, elegant, and entertaining tutoring method by Pablito Greco that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar. Xtango will change how you see tango and what you can do with it. Read the Google Reviews for Xtango classes!

 Pablito is teaching the Xtango dance classes in North America and Europe. Xtango classes provide an easy understanding of what tango culture is, from the ground up. With focus on simple but vivid language which is accompanied with specific and all-inclusive examples, you are able to easily absorb, create, and develop your own tango (thus the "X"). Xtango focuses on YOU; Pablito provides the inspiration, positive motivation, and complete commitment.

 Pablito 's new multimedia ebook Tango FAQs Facts and singular videocast, complete the package for all-things-tango; and compliments Xtango classes.   See the ebook    Watch the videocast 

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