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How to stay... tango-cool!

logo Summer. It's been sweaty, exhausting and not to mention we are all a bit lethargic after a long day. What can you do to stay cool on the tango floor?

Sweating! I know we all kind of hate it but we all have it! The body 's natural cooling system is our own AC system. I would highly recommend to have a small portable deoderate in your dance bag and bring a towel too!

Tango Milonga Cool

Hair up! I have to say, majority of my lovely female tango students always have their hair up. But for those who I have to keep reminding, our long hair is like a coat. Having your hair up and off your neck will help your skin breathe and keep you feeling cooler.

Hydrate! Replace your fluids with water. Carbonated drinks don’t work so well and the health benefits aren’t so good. To make it easier for you, bring a water bottle and refill it up so you can drink between dances.

Cool-down! Stetch a little, drink plenty of water, change into something cool and out of your sweaty dance wear. Too hot? Run your wrists under cool water.

Light clothes! Wear clothing with lightweight fabric. Wearing singlets or tops without sleeves can be cooler. Gentlmen keep in mind wearing clothing that is light and breathable.

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10 essential things for the milonga! (part2)

logo Welcome back! Let us continue from the previous blog post for the 10 essential things for the milonga:
(6) Dance with as many people as you can! Take advantage of the variety of tango levels, body types, and feelings that each individual can offer. Always remember that the more deverse experiences you have the better dancer you will become (and faster).
(7) Network like there is no tomorrow. Tango is social, so you have a first class opportunity to socialize, meet, and connect with a lot of tango people. You never know which contact will land you a new friend, lover, or even a job.

Toronto Tang Blog

(8) Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)! Simplicity is always a winner. Simplicity in tango movement and a focus on the feeling is always the best way to impress and elevate your social reputation. You will not believe how many social dancers prefer this path in a milonga.
(9) Always know the milonga 's ettiquette. It is imperative to be aware of the know-how so you can maneuver better than everybody else and have the advantage. Even if other tango dancers are not aware of these codes, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't.
(10) Be YOU. Last, but foremost, is that you should behave as yourself; leave the mask behind milonga 's entrance. People should get to know the real you, and the real you is always the best you. Anything to suggest for this blog post? Comment below! ⬇

10 essential things for the milonga! (part1)

logo The milonga (tango socials) is the basis where tango and its culture develop. As a social event, the milonga is surrounded by a wonderful and well thought etiquette, which prevents several discrepancies and clarify interactions between the tango dancers and the environment. These are the 10 essential things you should do or have when you are participating in milonga:
(1) Prepare a small bag and include your deodorant, perfume, an upper body change of clothes, your shoes for dance, and something for a pleasant breath (not a chewing gum!).
(2) Dress up, if you feel comfortable by doing this. You cannot imagine how important is the first impression you make to people, and how that first impression will follow you as your requtation grows.

Tango Dancing Milonga

(3) Always smile! Smiling can make you and others happy, it makes you more attractive and help you de-stress.
(4) If you really want to dance, arrive early and seat at a table around the ronda (if you don't know what ronda is, buy the Tango FAQs Facts ebook) so everybody can see you, and you can approach everyody with ease.
(5) Start dancing with other people as soon as you arrive. The body needs time to prepare itself (lubricate the joints, increase internal temperature, increse cardiovascular activity, prepare the muscles, e.t.c.) before you can reach your best condition and performance in that particular event. The body is the vessel for tango!
(6) To be continued! Anything to suggest for this blog post? Comment below! ⬇

Summer and Tango!

logo Summer time provides to tango and its culture a unique opportunity. Good weather and open hearts are all tango needs to promote itself in open air spaces and places; contrasting the common dark indoor events throughout the rest of the year.

Summer Tango

logo Organizers have to step up and take advantage of the evening breeze, the gentle emotions, and happy atmosphere that summer is creating, to attract more people into this unique culture. Every day during the hot months, without open air milongas or similar tango events, is a lost day towards the progress of the tango community. Actually, summer days are by far the best time for tango organizers to spread their work to the bigger public and gain more customers for their events. How do you think a community can grow? By making your "product" (tango culture) available and appealing to the large masses as effective as possible. This is the way.

I am sure you will agree that during the cold or winter months tango culture is becoming more like a "ghetto" thing; isolated into low light places that are hard to find, segregated from the big crowd action. I would not be surprised if the tango organizers around the world start a community-development research to see that during the summer NEW people are more likely to participate in such events, than during the winter. Communities are not built into the dark but into the light.

There you have it. Promote heavily tango culture during the hot outdoor time and enjoy your hard work during the cold indoor time. Could not be simpler! Agree or not with this blog post? Comment below! ⬇

150 years of Canada and Tango!

logo The 150th anniversary of Canada, also known as the 150th anniversary of Confederation and promoted by the Canadian government as Canada 150, occurs in 2017 as Canada marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Fantastic times to live in really!

Canada Tango

logo Canada reminds a lot the beggining of tango culture, at the Río de la Plata region. Millions of immigrants, dozens of cultures, and a unique mix. Actually Canada has almost the same age with Tango and its culture, and that is amazing! That explains a lot how come Canadians (wonderful people) love and emrace the Tango, from East to West.

logo If I had to do a safe projection I will say that Canada will be in the next few years the tango destination of North America. Just wait and see! It is already happening! Festivals, marathons, and even milongas have always a lot of foreign guests. The difference between USD and CAD assisted Tango in Canada, and boosted tango tourism in the country, especially from the United States.

logo Enjoy Canada 150 and the love it has for Tango! Comment below! ⬇

Let's tango blog!

logo I always had the urge and need to write things down. Personal thoughts, ideas, schedule, new tango movements (waking up in the dark!), or even food recipes. So writting was never something new to me. At this point you will normally think that I have done a blog in the past. NOPE! For a gentleman that loves writting this seems a little bit strange... Right? I guess, but life as we know it can be several times this way.

logo So here we are, me infront of my computer writting down words of meaning in a blog... my FIRST blog! Who would have thought. So many surprises. Of course another question that always emerges in these kind of initiaves is the context; the subject of the blog. What we are going to actually talk about in here? Is it Tango? Or maybe play with several subjects all together? Well, we have to nail it or it's not worth doing it so!

logo Just as my Xtango tutoring method, I have decided to proceed by following the holistic approach. We will be talking about everything, but with one common pillar: our beloved Tango! :-D
logo So you should definitely stick around as we are going to rock this tango blog; and always comment below! ⬇

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