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you said it

you said it
  • Pablito is engaging and knowledgable, and as an instructor helps his students to feel comfortable and confident in the salsa, kizomba, and tango. We talked with him for hours and about many things; I would absolutely recommend this experience.
    Lily- Lily, Massachusetts
  • We have used twice DanceCorp method in the past to train communication and teamwork skills for our peers at our law firm in downtown Toronto. I am very impressed with how this method penetrate personalities and achieve certain goals. Will work with them again.
    Fluvio- Fluvio, Toronto
  • This is definitely an experience! Pablito is passionate and inspiring as he taught us the customs and history around the tango, kizomba, and salsa. He is very knowledgeable and approachable, and makes sure we are enjoying and having fun. This feels so natural.
    Joanne- Joanne, Mississauga
  • I would absolutely recommend DanceCorp for corporate training which includes a retreat essence, and focuses on an open mind leadership development. We used it supplementing our employees' workshops and looking forward to incorporating it next year in New York.
    Satya- Satya, New York
  • As an innovating fashion brand we always seek for potential refinements on our processes. DanceCorp delivered a special, beyond expectations, comprehensive teamwork training which our employees still talk about. It is only rational to say that we will invite DanceCorp again.
    Jonathan- Jonathan, Chicago
  • The amount of attention to detail in leaning and participating in the history, rituals, food, and community about Tango, Salsa, and Kizomba skyrocketed the experience with learning how to dance to GOLD status. Pablito is a fantastic host, educator, instructor and all-around solid guy you want to hang out with regularly...
    Scott- Scott, Illinois
  • Must do in Toronto! Don’t be nervous just go :) This was such an amazing experience from start to end we enjoyed the snacks and drinks and then had our salsa and kizomba lesson. Pablito is really enthusiastic, knowledgeable and had great communication. This is a night we won’t forget.
    Pen- Pen, Switzerland
  • Pablito was an exceptional host/teacher/guide. This was far, far more than an experience, but an introduction to the culture, cuisine, traditions, and lifestyle of dance.
    Kerry- Kerry, New York
  • I felt like Dancing with the Stars! Pablito is courteous, polite, and very professional and above all a perfect dance instructor. All the stories you ever want to hear from this culture. An unforgettable night.
    Golnar- Golnar, Toronto
  • This was hands down my favourite culture-building seminar in North-America! You can tell that Pablito put a lot of passion, correlation, energy, and planning into DanceCorp making it a multi layer, engaging, and fantastic employee experience. It would be very useful to repeat it next year.
    Grace- Grace, Houston
  • Wow! What an immersive and bespoke adventure! One of my most beautiful and must-do experiences in Toronto.
    Paraskevi- Paraskevi, Toronto
  • His knowledge, experience and genuine love for dance and its wonderful history made it not only an extremely enjoyable social dance experience, but an educational one too.
    Yumna- Yumna, South Africa
  • A dance extravaganza. I loved it, my husband loved it and we are content we chose this. Thank you!
    Milli- Milli, Chicago
  • A wonderful and charming host! Was a birthday surprise for my girlfriend and she loved it!
    Jose- Jose Mario, Mexico
  • Did this as a group of 3 girls and had a delightful time! Pablito was friendly and so helpful. We would love to do it a second time, with more people too!
    Mercedes- Mercedes, Oklahoma
  • We had a fabulous time, learned so much, and I was convinced to immerse myself much more into this dance!
    Horst- Horst, Toronto



we create the most memorable and inspiring experiences for awesome people, groups, businesses, and institutions, with top ratings.

for people and groups:

for businesses, brands, communities, and institutions:

tango classes

Pablito Greco Toronto Tango Classes Experience classes tango

what is it? these are the most cool, authentic, and popular group and private tango classes in Toronto. we call them xtango classes, from the name of the teaching method Pablito Greco developed.

what we will do? we will learn the fun, elegance, grace, and improvisation skills, as well as the secret tango etiquette. we will prepare you to master concepts and skills efficiently and we will grow socially, technically, artistically, and be able to dance with everybody. yeah!

when and where we will be? mondays 9pm, text/email us for questions and we will be at 427 bloor street west, near spadina station. ❯❯

what else? tango = ❤️ + 😃 you do not need a partner or dance experience to join. come as you are and bring a big smile and awesome vibes! how long? 60 minutes. how much? subscribe from below. for students and for everyone under 25 years of age the fee is $10 per class (package of 5).

learn$89 monthly
✓ 4 group classes
✓ best teachers, best address
✓ great rewards program ❯❯

improve$99 monthly
✓ 4 group classes
✓ best teachers, best address
✓ great rewards program ❯❯
+ exclusive access to xhub ❯❯
+ 3 points for each class you attend

pioneer$289 monthly
✓ 6 classes (4 group, 2 private)
✓ best teachers, best address
✓ great rewards program ❯❯
+ exclusive access to xhub ❯❯
+ 5 points for each class you attend

yerba mate secrets

"such a cool experience!"
- Nicole
Pablito Greco Toronto Yerba Mate Secrets Experience yerba mate secrets

Pablito Greco Toronto Yerba Mate Secrets Experience

what is it? yerba mate secrets is a lively, fun, and social experience by discovering a unique, authentic, and highly ceremonial beverage! With the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, the yerba mate is the all in one beverage.

what we will do? we will start the experience with the secret history of the origins, the vivid present of the community, and the scientific/nutritious breakthroughs of this unique beverage using contemporary multimedia resources. then we will explain, see, smell, and feel the original parts of the beverage by learning its rich social purpose. at the same time we will taste together the yerba mate, utilizing the true and genuine ceremonial preparation, step by step. by far the coolest experience!

when and where we will be? text/email us for your preferred date. we will be in a trendy location at the centre of Toronto (exact location will be send in your email).

what else? vegan/vegetarian friendly and gluten-free. how many? 1 to 10 people (12 years of age and higher). how long? experience lasts 60 minutes. how much? $59 per person (includes non-alcoholic beverage).

tango night secrets

"❤︎❤︎❤︎! omg tango!"
- Julia & Todd
Pablito Greco Toronto Tango Night Secrets Experience tango night secrets

Pablito Greco Toronto Tango Night Secrets Experience

what is it? tango night secrets is a truly 360 immersive experience where you'll discover Toronto's secret tango locations and an authentic culture.

what we will do? take a deep dive into the timeless dance craze of tango. we will start with a traditional and highly ceremonial tango class (2 to 10 guests), followed by a genuine Tango Social. we will spend the rest of our time together partying in true tango style and magical storytelling. you will dance at my favourite tango scene, learn new moves, and make new friends.

when and where we will be? text/email us for your preferred date. we will be in a trendy location at the centre of Toronto (exact location will be send in your email).

what else? vegan/vegetarian friendly and gluten-free. how many? 2 to 10 people (12 years of age and higher). how long? experience lasts 80 minutes. how much? $79 per person (includes xtango class, and entrance fee).

salsa night secrets

"salsa dance extravaganza! 😍"
- Mark & Mei
Pablito Greco Toronto Salsa Nights Secrets Experience salsa night secrets

Pablito Greco Toronto Salsa Night Secrets Experience

what is it? salsa night secrets is an energetic and pure-fun experience where you will discover Toronto's best-kept secret salsa locations, and an authentic latin-american culture.

what we will do? we will start the night with a unique introductory salsa class, followed by a genuine salsa social. we will spend the rest of our time together dancing and having fun. you will dance at our best-loved salsa scene, learn new moves, and meet new funky people.

when and where we will be? text/email us for your preferred date. we will be in a trendy location at the centre of Toronto (exact location will be send in your email).

what else? vegan/vegetarian friendly and gluten-free. how many? 2 to 10 people (18 years of age and higher). how long? experience lasts 80 minutes. how much? $59 per person (includes alcoholic beverage, salsa class, and entrance fee).

exclusive night dance

"dancing with the stars!"
- Kim, June, David
Pablito Greco Toronto Exclusive Night Secrets Experience exclusive night dance

Pablito Greco Toronto Exclusive Night Dance Experience

what is it? this is a premier dance night experience accompanied exclusively by the international performer and dancer Pablito Greco.

what we will do? we will fully engage with the secrets of tango dance for hours, and you will be accompanied by Pablito Greco to the most popular tango social event in Toronto! we will start the experience with the secret history of the origins of tango. you will learn how to dance through an exclusive xtango class, and immerse yourself into the tango dance culture of this timeless art form. at the same time you will dance solely with an international master dancer and renowned educator for the whole duration of the experience. this is luxury tango.

when and where we will be? text/email us for your preferred date. we will be in an exclusive location at the centre of Toronto (exact location will be send in your email).

what else? vegan/vegetarian friendly and gluten-free. how many? 1 to 4 people (18 years of age and higher). how long? experience lasts 90 minutes. how much? $99 per person (includes 2 alcoholic beverages, xtango class, and entrance fee).

wedding dance

"our dream came true."
- Serano family
Pablito Greco Toronto Wedding Dance Experience wedding dance

Pablito Greco Toronto Wedding Dance Experience

what is it? this is a series of exquisite classes so you can produce a breath-taking dance at your wedding.

what we will do? we will adapt to your schedule, your needs, and expectations and arrange your structured private classes. your ideas will be implemented and your questions will be happily answered. we will work as slow or fast you want and create a spectacular and sentimental dance experience that you and your people will love and remember.

when and where we will be? call/email us for your wedding's details. we will be at a location that accommodates best your schedule and lifestyle. your clients? our clients are more than 40 Torontonian families that trusted us with their groom and bride wedding dance. how long? according to your needs. how much? according to your needs.

hire Pablito Greco

"high quality services"
- Teva Canada
Pablito Greco Toronto Hire Pablito Greco Experience hire Pablito Greco

Pablito Greco Toronto Hire Pablito Greco Experience

what is it? this is a unique opportunity to hire the exciting and most spectacular dance performer which bridges contemporary movement elements with the timeless structure of tango.

what we will do? we are available to fully adapt to the needs of your event like festival, concert, corporate, seminar, workshop, retreat, and wedding party. collectively we will produce the most extraordinary dance experience fulfilling all your needs.

when and where we will be? call/email us for your event's date, location, and details. videos/photos? see our videos and photos. your clients? Marriott International, InterContinental Hotel Group, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Airbnb, Rossclair, Moksha Canada Foundation, Creaghan Mcconnell Group. how long? according to your needs. how much? according to your needs.


"let's work together."
- Moksha Foundation
Pablito Greco Toronto Collaboration Experience collaboration

Pablito Greco Toronto Collaboration Experience

what is it? this is an open invitation for registered non-profit/not-for-profit institutions, organizations, and events to work on a variety of projects, causes, and missions.

what we will do? we will provide our vast experience and expertise in operations, pr, marketing, promotion, publishing, and online brand development bringing tremendous value to the collaboration. collectively we will work on subjects promoting communities, youth, diversity, inclusion, education, dance, business, or everything in between. we are widely open to assist on any subject, and happy to participate with you.

how we start? call/email us to schedule a brief meeting.

PG rewards

Pablito Greco logo rewards

you gain points for every class you attend (improve/pioneer packages).
50 points = 1 PG steel water bottle
80 points = 1 PG fashion bag
110 points = 1 private class

1 referral = 1 month group classes
2 referrals = 2 months group classes
3 referrals = 3 months group classes
* rewards program applies only to online subscriptions.


Pablito Greco logo xhub

xhub is a central point that subscribed students have free exclusive access to thousands of unique resources, including music downloads, amazing "how-to" dance videos, unique articles, and exclusive content. enter the xhub.

are you missing

are you missing this?

Greece Holidays Vacations Summer Tango Experience

Inspiring Experiences

inspiring experiences

Pablito Greco is a brand of celebrated and inspiring experiences based in Canada and Europe. we use dance as a tool to innovate, beyond recreation and leisure. we focus on art and corporate education, media and digital content creation, services, and working on developing our projects and collaborations with global businesses, brands, communities, and institutions. we are passionate on the promotion of dance culture worldwide and our network serves the "diversity, inclusion, and youth" motto.

Pablito Greco Dance Toronto Business Experience Diversity diversity
Pablito Greco Dance Toronto Business Experience Inclusion inclusion
Pablito Greco Dance Toronto Business Experience Youth youth


Consulate Interview

consulate interview

consulate interview

Educator X, the founder of Pablito Greco, gave an exciting video interview to the Consulate of Argentina in Toronto, at an iconic and historic location of the city.

Podcast Interview

podcast interview

podcast interview

Educator X, the founder of Pablito Greco, gave an all-inclusive phone interview to Joe Yang and his prominent podcast.

5000 hours


hours of international dance experiences to hundreds of participants and businesses since 2006.



we work with businesses, brands, communities, and institutions to convey, educate, and train on leadership development, teamwork effectiveness, assertiveness, and more by using the profound applications of dance into business; we call it "dancecorp™".

Pablito Greco DanceCorp Experience Airbnb
Pablito Greco DanceCorp Experience InterContinental
Pablito Greco DanceCorp Experience Marriott
Pablito Greco DanceCorp Experience RossClair
Pablito Greco DanceCorp Experience Moksha
Pablito Greco DanceCorp Experience Four Seasons

interested in dancecorp™?



we create, develop, and communicate projects that promote, educate, and innovate on dance, business, and everything in between using all available multimedia mediums and building every possible collaborations.

Pablito Greco Why Tango Project

why tango (2019-)

why tango (2019-)

"why tango" is a video series by Pablito Greco which promotes culture, diversity, youth, and dance! shot, edited, and published using a smartphone in 2 hours. you can participate for free in the project by sending a message to .

Pablito Greco xtango Project

xtango (2007-)

xtango (2007-)

xtango is an easy, fun, and friendly educational method by Pablito Greco that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar. xtango will change how you see dance and what you can do with it. with focus on simple but vivid language which is accompanied with specific and all-inclusive examples, you are able to easily absorb, create, and develop your own tango (thus the "x"). xtango focuses on you.

Pablito Greco Toronto Tango Trilogy

toronto tango trilogy (2017-)

toronto tango trilogy (2017-)

Pablito Greco envisioned the ultimate dance project as a trilogy celebrating Toronto and by combining three timeless art forms: cinematography, photography, and literature. a short film, a photo exhibition, and a mini book all promoting dance to the masses, and based on diversity, youth, and inclusion, will be presented globally using Pablito Greco 's vast online dance network.


Pablito & Anastasia Project

Pablito & Anastasia (2017-)

Pablito & Anastasia (2017-)

Pablito & Anastasia is a new, exciting, and spectacular dance couple which bridges contemporary movement elements with the timeless structure of tango. the dance couple assembled on november 2017 in Toronto, Canada to produce and monetize the world's first tango trilogy, to experiment with a newly created dance experience, and to provide corporate training using the profound effects of dance on business skills. their timeline ❯❯  

Pablito Greco Logo Pablito & Anastasia timeline

june 30, 2019 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia perform and give an xtango class for the moksha diversity foundation and the city of Toronto.

march 1, 2019 - Pablito Greco shoots the first episode of the tango series "why tango?" in Toronto, Canada; with the first participant to be Anastasia.

february 15, 2019 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will perform in the most iconic luxury hotel in the city of Toronto, the windsor arms hotel.

january 1, 2019 - the consulate of Argentina in Toronto interviewed Pablito Greco about tango culture!

december 11, 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will perform for the biggest luxury hospitality brand in the world, the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

september 20-23, 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give a series of xtango classes at Toronto tango experience.

august 6, 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will conclude the secret tango project!

july 27, 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give an xtango class and performance for ballroomto (casa ricca banquet hall), starting 7:45PM. book your table at or 416 621 7878!

july 17, 2018 - Pablito Greco gives a 360 interview to Joe Yang!

june 26, 2018 - Pablito Greco & Anastasia will give an xtango class and performance for dance social toronto, starting 8:45PM!

Pablito Greco Tango Q&A Project

tango q&a (2014-)

tango q&a (2014-)

"tango q&a" is the first video series by Pablito Greco which educates on everything related to tango facts and frequent questions/answers! shot, edited, and published using a tablet.

Pablito Greco XPeriences Project

xperiences (2013-)

xperiences (2013-)

xperiences is a mini music album with original compositions by Pablito Greco (genre: experimental orchestral). the first piece from the album, "tangoem", was released on october 1st 2013, with the purpose to accompany the homonym multi-touch book success that was published in november 2012 by greco publications. Pablito Greco decided to release a new composition every year, and give it to the public for inspiration and creation. theatrical plays and events around the world have used parts or as a whole the music of xperiences mini album since 2013.
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project
  • Pablito Greco Publications Project

greco publications (2012-)

greco publications (2012-)

Pablito Greco has instigated by creating and publishing a series of electronic interactive books covering diverse subjects like dance education, children education, religion, fiction, and poetry. pioneering with new publishing formats and mediums, Pablito Greco was one of the first to adapt Apple's ibook author platform in 2012. his "tango q&a", which is the first multimedia book in tango culture's history, has been a best seller from 2014 with exceptional reviews, and other titles have cumulated more than 100K downloads from over 30 countries. the full list ❯❯  

Pablito Greco Short Films Project

short films (2010-)

short films (2010-)

Pablito Greco has produced more than 15 short films in Greece, Italy, and Turkey which participated in short-film festivals around the world and obtained numerous of positive reviews. Pablito Greco 's short film "la bruja" was shot in Constantinople (istanbul) and was produced to participate in the global hollywood project "life in a day" in the summer of 2010.

Pablito Greco SmilyTango Project

smilytango (2009-2014)

smilytango (2009-2014)

smilytango was an organization based in Europe and created by Pablito Greco with the purpose to develop popular and profitable social dance experience events, and to build a vast online network. during its years of activities smilytango organized and established more than 20 international social dance events in 5 european countries, hosted 50K dance participants, builded an online network that can reach 200K individuals, and released several educational dance-related videos and articles. smilytango was based on the vast experience of the successful tangrecia project.

Pablito Greco Milonga La Greca Project

milonga la greca (2008-2013)

milonga la greca (2008-2013)

Pablito Greco 's milonga la greca was the very first social dance event in the world that transmitted its signal live over the internet, taking advantage the immersive streaming technologies of the time, and creating a global dance experience. during this weekly dance experience, more than 22 countries and 500K streamers danced with us live around the world, that brought very significant profits from online advertisements.

Pablito Greco TangOrthopedics Project

tangorthopedics (2006-)

tangorthopedics (2006-)

tangorthopedics is a scientific method by Pablito Greco, which focuses on tango-specific strength and stretch exercises. its purpose is to elevate the physical capacities of dancers with immediate beneficial results, prevent muscle-skeletal injuries related to dance, and deliver a vastly improved dance experience. tangorthopedics is presented in numerous dance festivals, sport science conferences, and dance seminars in north america, europe and asia, as a dance method of physical development.

Pablito Greco Tangrecia Project

tangrecia (2005-2009)

tangrecia (2005-2009)

tangrecia was a balkan-wide online destination for tango news with 6K monthly unique visitors, which pioneered in electronic/printed publications, online advertisements, data collection, and newly emerged internet technologies. tangrecia created and developed the first online dance newsletter with 3K recipients bi-weekly.

Pablito Greco Partnerships Project

partnerships (2005-2016)

partnerships (2005-2016)

Pablito Greco has created in the past some extraordinary dance partnerships with exquisite and acclaimed female artists and professionals like Youlie Mouzafiarova, Anna Borshch, and others.



we endorse exquisite books, for dance and business, that we love and feel they worth your time. we are also open to your recommendations!

Pablito Greco Dance Words Book

dance words

dance words

category: photography
author: Pablito Greco
published: feb 27, 2014
publisher: Greco publications
print length: 74 pages
target: iOS and MacOS
language: english

free from itunes

Pablito Greco Influence Book



category: business
author: robert cialdini
published: dec 26, 2006
publisher: harper business
print length: 336 pages
target: paperback
language: english


Pablito Greco The Creative Habit Book

the creative habit

the creative habit

category: creativity
author: twyla tharp
published: jan 6, 2006
publisher: simon & schuster
print length: 256 pages
target: paperback
language: english

simon & schuster

Pablito Greco The Innovator's Dilemma Book

the innovator's dilemma

the innovator's dilemma

category: business
author: clayton christensen
published: oct 4, 2011
publisher: harper business
print length: 286 pages
target: paperback
language: english


Pablito Greco Critical Response Process Book

critical response process

critical response process

category: creativity
author: liz lerman
published: 2003
publisher: liz lerman dance exchange
print length: 62 pages
target: paperback
language: english


Pablito Greco Business Adventures Book

business adventures

business adventures

category: business
author: john brooks
published: aug 12, 2014
publisher: open road media
print length: 464 pages
target: paperback
language: english


Pablito Greco Dancers Among Us Book

dancers among us

dancers among us

category: photography
author: clayton christensen
published: oct 23, 2012
publisher: workman publishing company
print length: 240 pages
Target: Paperback
language: english


Pablito Greco In Search of Excellence Book

in search of excellence

category: business
author: thomas peters
published: feb 7, 2006
publisher: harper business
print length: 400 pages
target: paperback
language: english



every month new titles!

recommend a book?

Questions & Answers

questions & answers

dance, business, and life we have you covered!

why dance?

dance is the language of artistic kinesis™ (Pablito Greco 2012). because dance is the only art form that covers holistically the person through: "language" for communication (mind), "artistic" for expression (soul), and "kinesis" for physicality (body). that is because dance uses the body as a psychosomatic instrument, which awakens new perceptions and dimensions. dance enables our best qualities.

who can dance?

literally everyone can dance. from the youngest child to the eldest adult. all are welcome.

what I should dance?

you can choose from a huge variety of social dances in your city! social dances are those with the most powerful personal and social effects on you, like the couple dances from south american culture (tango, salsa, bachata, merengue, rumba, cha-cha, kizomba, samba), european culture (paso doble, quickstep, waltz), and north american culture (foxtrot, lindy hop, jive).

benefits of dance in daily life?

the list of benefits of dance in daily life and routine is so long, that surpasses the one of fitness. dance allows people to be more active, socialize and develop creative and physical skills.Dance Experience Pablito Greco Torontodance:
(1) keeps the body and the brain active; vital for people of every age.
(2) improves strength and flexibility, keeping muscles and joints healthy.
(3) you meet new people and make new friends with those who have similar interests.
(4) helps you learn about your body, improving your posture, balance, and self awareness.
(5) releases endorphins and helps to reduce stress levels.
(6) offers insight into other cultures, either through the dance style itself or meeting new people.
(7) can lead to new career opportunities, or help build vital communications skills needed in every profession.
(8) helps to increase your self esteem and confidence through mastering new skills.
(9) offers a creative outlet for people to express their personalities in a safe environment.
(10) is a fun way to open up new possibilities, keep healthy, and enjoy yourself.

benefits for students?

we have prepared a lot of benefits for part-time and full-time students, so they can access easily our experiences. learn more at classes.

can you help with our wedding dance?

having created over 200 unique wedding dances in two continents for the last 12 years, we know how it is done. we will be very excited to create a dance you will never forget. learn more at wedding dance.

dance can train business skills?

dance is the language of artistic kinesis™ therefore its prime objective is to communicate, express, educate, train, and to "build bridges" amongst people.Dance Business Skills Corporate Experience Pablto Grecodecision making, teamwork effectiveness, leadership development, feedback processing, realistic planning, project management, and so many more, are the skills that dance can offer through structured training to the corporate ecosystem. learn more at dancecorp™.

what is xtango?

xtango is an easy, fun, and friendly educational method by Pablito Greco that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar. xtango will change how you see dance and what you can do with it. with focus on simple but vivid language which is accompanied with specific and all-inclusive examples, you are able to easily absorb, create, and develop your own tango (thus the "x"). xtango focuses on you. read the Google reviews for xtango classes!

what is xhub?

xhub is a central point that subscribed students have free exclusive access to thousands of unique resources, including music downloads, amazing "how-to" dance videos, unique articles, and exclusive content. enter the xhub.

what is PG rewards?

PG rewards is the rewards program of Pablito Greco, through which subscribed students earn points and win collective items and/or complementary classes, with each class they attend or referral. read more at PG rewards.

what is dancecorp™?

dancecorp™ is the method developed by Pablito Greco to assist businesses, brands, and communities grow their culture through employee skills' training using the profound applications of dance into business. learn more at dancecorp™.

are you open to collaborations?

we are open to a variety of collaborations beyond dance, and looking forward to sharing our extensive experience and expertise with you. learn more at specials.

what is yerba mate?

yerba mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, all in one beverage. of the six commonly used stimulants in the world: coffee, tea, kola, cocoa, and guarana, yerba mate triumphs as the most balanced and healthful while it stimulates.Yerba Matebrewed from the naturally caffeinated and nourishing leaves of the species of holly native to the south american atlantic rainforest (Ilex paraguariensis), it contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and abundant polyphenols. remarkably, the Pasteur institute and the Paris scientific society concluded in 1964 that “it is difficult to find a plant in any area of the world equal to mate in nutritional value”, and that yerba mate contains “practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life”. the yerba mate secrets night-out experience can be found here!

where can I find dance music?

once you subscribe to a tier that includes our innovative xhub, you will have unlimited and exclusive access to dance music from south american culture (tango, salsa, bachata, merengue, rumba, cha-cha, kizomba, samba), european culture (paso doble, quickstep, waltz), and north american culture (foxtrot, lindy hop, jive). learn more at xhub!

where can I find how-to dance videos?

once you subscribe to a tier that includes our innovative xhub, you will have unlimited and exclusive access to how-to dance videos from Pablito Greco and from other creators for south american culture (tango, salsa, bachata, merengue, rumba, cha-cha, kizomba, samba), european culture (paso doble, quickstep, waltz), and north american culture (foxtrot, lindy hop, jive). learn more at xhub!

more answers?



we collect amazing dance and business live radios for you to enjoy!

The Magazine

the magazine

we write for all things dance, business, our news, and host interviews plus articles from inspiring luminaries.


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    • Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Monitoring Virus Outbreak Toronto Canada Magazine
    • Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Monitoring Virus Outbreak Toronto Canada Magazine
    • Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Monitoring Virus Outbreak Toronto Canada Magazine

    • mar 1-

      situation as per . (update april 4) while total cases have gone way above a million and total deaths can fill a big football stadium, there is still hope for a successful treatment coming from USA and Europe. (update april 2) USA sees an unforeseen increase in total cases, UK, Spain, and Italy still lead the daily deaths column with Netherlands and Belgium following. (update march 30) unfortunately the numbers from Spain, USA, and France - among others - are indicating the harsh truth, with the first to be rapidly facing the path towards the peak. we hope the measures taken to show some results. (update march 28) according to the numbers reported by the affected nations around the globe it seems that the peak is not there yet. only few countries (China, South Korea - 1st case in early January 2020) are experiencing a significant decline in active cases and deaths. Italy, Spain, USA, France, UK, Iran, Netherlands, and Germany are paying heavy toll to the virus.
      (march 1) as the outbreak is spreading and progressing we can only hope that proper drastic measures will take place from governments to limit the capacity of the virus. during this period of physical distancing please monitor your physical and mental health. hope, faith, love.

      brand. during the earlier phase of the outbreak our founder, Educator X, has instructed to pause all on going physical experiences (B2C and B2B) until at least the end of April 2020.

      recommendation. follow proper guidelines. stay home and stay safe. we are all together in this.

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cirque du soleil competition

   cirque du soleil competition

Pablito Greco Logo  cirque du soleil competition

Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Alegria Cirque Du Soleil Toronto Canada Magazine

dec 1

participants. the cirque du soleil competition started in october and finished on december 1st! we wish to thank all 302 participants from every single place of the planet who commented through! you are all amazing and we are preparing more fun competitions for all of you!

Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Alegria Cirque Du Soleil Toronto Canada Magazine Ekaterina Konysheva

winner. we are happy to announce that Ekaterina Konysheva (215th participant) from Toronto, Canada won the competition! congratulations Ekaterina! ❤️

cirque du soleil business of art

   cirque du soleil business of art

Pablito Greco Logo  cirque du soleil business of art

oct 11

invitation. (scroll down for the competition) early september 2019 i was so exhilarated to receive a private invitation from cirque du soleil to attend their “alegría: in a new light” show in toronto! i knew that the original alegría had retired back in 2013, so i couldn’t wait to see what they were able to create in this sequel. as an artistpreneur cirque du soleil provokes several aspects of my way of doing things; from the endless search for artistic and financial excellence to the constant need of change to something greater. that is why that invitation meant a lot to me.

Pablito Greco Dance Business Art Experiences Alegria Cirque Du Soleil Toronto Canada Magazine

business. cirque du soleil has performed for more than 180 million people in 450 cities on every continent but Antarctica. there are 23 cirque du soleil shows worldwide, including six permanent shows in las vegas and 12 that are on tour. alegría alone has presented more than 6600 performances. the show Ká—which premiered in 2005—cost at least $165 million to create. jaw-dropping. they employ 1300 performers from 50 different countries, and about 40 percent of its artists come from disciplines like rhythmic gymnastics and diving. long story short the circus is experiencing a revenue of almost usd$2bn. this is a long number for a circus with so humble beginnings from the early 80’s.

experience. beyond numbers, the show i was invited to see was a shiny example of an immersive experience. they managed to captivate my visual perception, aurally perceiving, and sometimes touch, and in many occasions they managed to hoist my heart rate proximate to 100 bpm. in others words they moved me. they masterfully created feelings that will be embedded in me for years. c'était spectaculaire.


Pablito Greco collective cirque du soleil giveaway

final thoughts. although “alegría: in a new light” does not have yet a clear story line, sometimes communicates messages that young audience (children) shouldn’t watch, and it is short in length, you should go for the magnificent costumes, touching live music, captivating acrodance performances from amazing athletists, superb stage prompts, incredible organization, and top overall entertainment. diversity in everything! check the above video to win the collective cirque du soleil giveaway! sweet ❤️

financial impact of experiences

   financial impact of experiences

Pablito Greco Logo  financial impact of experiences

sept 20

experiences. good sales people know that sentiment makes the sale and that sentiment returns it. the cambridge dictionary defines the word "experience" as the "knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things". I define it as "an event that has a psychosomatic impact". the biggest companies in hospitality (Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt, Hilton, IHG, e.t.c.) understood long time ago that they potentially could sell more than sleep; they had to start selling sentiment, feelings. Fast forward to today the most valuable hospitality company, Airbnb (35B, good Lord), and the rest of the big guys jumped into the boat of "experiences".

Pablito Greco Financial Impact Canada Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine

$dollars. experiences work because they satisfy 3 wins. the host wins (payment, reputation), the guest wins (feelings, knowledge, satisfaction, value for money), the local community wins (shops, attractions, reviews, revenue, events, city tourism). let's speak with facts. to give an illustration my first experience was a dance experience. for the last 2 years it hosted notably more than 350 non-dance people (mostly from out of town), number that surpasses by far the number of what regular dance classes, dance festivals, or dance events can cumulate in Toronto. those people spend a significant amount to the host and to the local community. I calculated that these guests spend 18K+ to the local community alone. only from one experience with a 90 minutes duration. this is not a conundrum, but an opportunity to do business. you can see now why the big players are very interested into this piece of the pie.

final thoughts... the word "experience" is indeed very trendy nowadays, but it just a new name for an old package. this is still not a fully discovered business territory, therefore upon further reflection I feel it is a tantalizing window into... anyone joining me?


   dance tool inclusion

Pablito Greco Logo  dance tool inclusion

aug 13

disability. an estimated one in five canadians (or 6.2 million) aged 15 years and over had one or more disabilities that limited them in their daily activities, according to findings from the 2017 canadian survey on disability (CSD). more than 540,000 youths aged 15 to 24 years (13%) had one or more disabilities. among youth, mental health-related (8%) was the most common type of disability, followed by learning (6%), and pain-related disabilities (4%).Pablito Greco Disability Youth Men Women Canada Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine

inclusion? to give the opportunity of equal participation is the Holy Grail of inclusion. due to its aggressive immigration policy, canada needs this more than ever. the need will become more essential with every new year. seeing the above numbers I cannot help myself seeing the incredible opportunities for inclusion-oriented social programs! everyone would agree that comprehensive and cost effective programs from each level of government, would definitely have the most impact. genuine inclusion initiatives from non-profits can go so far. I wish the election campaigns from all the candidates could include some-kind of meaningful ways to solve this.

dance. dance is the language of artistic kinesis™seeing Cheryl Angelelli from Chicago, Illinois launching a free wheelchair dance program, while being paralyzed after a swimming accident as a teenager, verifies that dance is a powerful tool for inclusion, also among people with disabilities. quoting her "we teach anybody with any type of disability how they can dance, the program is free of charge". this is music to my ears and lightbulb to my brain.Pablito Greco Disability Youth Dance Mobility Canada Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine it's only safe to say that canada should bluntly copy these programs and implement them into its recreation centres. definitely I would be one of the first educators that will volunteer my time for promoting even further inclusion.

final thoughts... a little less conversation, a little more action please. it all comes down to action, and to organized initiatives by people who have the political power. people like you and me, residing in canada should also push harder to the right direction; no lobbying no results. dance is not the only remedy for inclusion, but it is an undisputed tool for addressing, building, and progressing it. my current day dream is to see dance fighting for a better society.


   giant (business) leap for dance

Pablito Greco Logo  giant (business) leap for dance

july 20

why canada? living into a such vast country like Canada (9.984.670km2) with the 1/10 of the population of United States (34.838.000), and with 88.7% of the Canadian performing arts companies to be profitable, it is easy to turn your attention into more than small underground dance experience communities; you are inspired to see the big picture.

why Toronto? Toronto is the perfect opportunity for fulfilling this inspiration. the Toronto-Waterloo region corridor is the second largest technology cluster in north america and one of the world’s fastest-growing innovation hubs, which means opportunity to do business with a huge corporate ecosystem.

Pablito Greco & Anastasia Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazinewhy dance? dance is the language of artistic kinesis™enter dance. the prime objective of dance is to communicate, express, educate, train, and to "build bridges" amongst people. there is no better era for those extraordinary qualities of dance to be gloriously applied, than today's business - developing stage. countless companies in our next door are looking for new, fresh, and effective ways of training their peers and building a more productive culture. there is a gap that dance professionals can fill by using all these essential skills that themselves have learned throughout the years.

which skills? decision making, teamwork effectiveness, leadership development, feedback processing, realistic planning, project management, multi-tasking, assertiveness, accountability, and so many more, are the skills' training that dance can offer to the corporate ecosystem. the proof of concept has already been done, mostly by canadians, and now I firmly believe it is time to expand with nerve and confidence.

final thoughts... dance's future is implemented into the society it functions. dance will be there to adapt into business as society changes and as demand for skills development rises. dance is meant to fit to any kind of experience. dance is an enabler.


   dance for diversity

Pablito Greco Logo  dance for diversity

june 30

the invitation. being into the dance experience business for so many years come with its benefits. but, having an "open" embrace for collaborations is a magnet for opportunities. recently, I received a prestigious invitation to dance for the city of Toronto and the Moksha diversity foundation.

the dance & workshop. this amazing diversity festival was assembled near the iconic roy thompson hall, at the centre of Toronto and we, Pablito & Anastasia, did deliver a wonderful performance, a sensational workshop, and overall an unparalleled dance experience for a very diverse group of people, that made them feel like stars.

Pablito Greco & Anastasia Toronto Diversity Festival Dance Business Exeprience MagazinePablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango

final thoughts... dance's middle name is "diversity" and its last name is "business". when the city of Toronto and other reputable foundations invite, I know how to take care both of these worlds/words of dance.


   dance corp in action

Pablito Greco Logo  dance corp in action

may 1

the invitation. having the opportunity to apply your method into the corporate environment and create a dance experience that has meaningful impact to employers and employees, it is heart lifting. such an opportunity was presented itself through the very prestigious creaghan mcconnell group, a vastly successful company based in Toronto that helps Canada's leading business families protect their capital.

the workshop. working collectively with the company's leadership we agreed on creating an intimate retreat/workshop that will be focused on coordination and how their efforts can just flow when that co-design comes together. furthermore, realization in a tangible way that would fulfill the meanings of leadership, feedback, coordination, teamwork, and celebrating mistakes as experiences. Pablito & Anastasia had to structure and present a fun and efficient event bringing together the company's team tiers using the power of tango dance and electronic tango music. the dance couple conveyed a very appealing workshop that received great feedback and it was the center of discussion for days.

Pablito Greco & Anastasia Toronto Dance Business Exeprience Magazine DanceCorp

final thoughts... dancecorp just works. and it works perfectly for teams because it was build for teams. it can easily produce tangible and intangible results covering several essential skills for business and reaching real goals for people. building bridges once again.


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   merry Christmas 2019

Pablito Greco Logo  merry Christmas 2019

dec 23another Christmas is here! an excellent time for family, faith, and pure love. dance culture promotes the psyche and physical condition and the relationships between people. dance brings us together and closer.

My lovely xtango students please remember that classes resume at January 9th, 2019 at 9PM; same amazing place!

dress tango impress 2

   dress tango impress2

Pablito Greco Logo  dress tango impress2

sept 18Continued... Christina: I think it is possible to dress for tango on a budget and create a great dance experience. For one, some milongas often hold second-hand sales, where you can find great shoes and outfits for a reasonable price. Otherwise I do most of my tango shopping online. There are plenty of online shops with vintage style dresses with a wide range of prices, and most of them also have frequent sales.

Pablito: How do you decide what to wear?

Christina: This is tricky. I am still discovering my style, as well as what works well for tango and what doesn’t. I’ve become much more aggressive at trying out new outfits, which has resulted in quite a few fails as well. But you don’t grow without trying new things :).

I mostly like vintage style A-line or wrap dresses that have lots of room for movement and are very flowy. For flow I find crepe material is the best. Silk looks beautiful but beware sweat stains as you dance the night away. Also, I find velvet to be a material that is beautiful on all body types, and looks very elegant.

After studying the lady dancers Ι notice the most on the dance floor, I also tried to invest in costume jewelry with lots of bling. Big earrings, a sparkly ring or bracelet go a long way. Hair accessories always look nice on the dance floor and add a bit of glamour, just make sure they won’t be in your partner’s face during closed embrace.

Some of my favourite links:
(1) Trashy Diva
(2) Unique Vintage
(3) ModCloth
(4) GatsbyLady
(5) Loco Lindo
(6) The Pretty Dress Company
(7) Lisadore shoes
(8) Turquoise shoes
(9) Dance shoes online

Pablito: Do you have tips for ladies dressing for a milonga?

Christina: Uff do I ever… I am still learning all the do’s and don'ts that seem obvious but you stumble upon with experience...
• Bring a safety pin, you never know what might pop open or rip even with the roomiest of outfits.
• Assume tight dresses will ride up. Tight dresses should either be made of lycra, or a slit to allow for wide leg openings, because otherwise you are setting yourself up for very embarrassing and very public wardrobe malfunctions.
• Bring mints or mouthwash with you; it’s awful to spend the night worrying if your breath still smells of garlic from lunchtime.
• Wear your hair in a way that won’t flop in your partner’s face in a closed embrace, as that can get quite uncomfortable for both.

Learn more here! Click!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Dress• You are bound to rip your stockings. Either get accustomed to dancing/dressing without them or bring a backup pair with you. If you prefer wearing tights you can always find toeless tights, ankle length tights or three quarter tights. With a bit of detective work you can also find tights with pretty lace detail at the bottom.
• Most lady tango shoes are open toe. While nail polish isn’t everyone’s deal, at least well manicured toes are worth your time, as your feet are basically on display.
• Unless you are a master of makeup, I would say the simpler the makeup the better. If you are lucky to spend the night on your feet dancing, you will get very hot and sweaty, and layers upon layers of foundation is anything but a good thing when you’re cheek to cheek…
• It is worth experimenting with new outfits in a smaller setting, like class. Some dresses that are very flattering in other social settings might not be as comfortable on the dance floor (e.g., tight fitting clothes ride up, droopy skirts or pantaloons might get caught in your heels or, etc.). I’ve had a couple of occasions where I regretted my choice of outfit halfway through a milonga...

interview by Joe Yang

   interview by Joe Yang

Pablito Greco Logo  interview by JoeYang

jul 17There will always be minds that work collectively towards knowledge and the archive form of it. These minds are securing clusters of information for the next generations too. They are important, tango needs them, and the dance experience demands them.

Recently, I had the pleasure to give an interview to one of these beautiful collective minds like Joe Yang about the xtango method, ways and means to tango, performance, students' learning tools and more, with a lot of exciting details and news about the Toronto Tango community. It will be very smart NOT to miss it! :-)Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business xtango TangoListen to the interview here and stay tuned for more!

dress tango impress1

   dress tango impress1

Pablito Greco Logo  dress tango impress1

feb 4Tango is much more than a dance, it is a culture. It has a rich history, unique music, award winning literature, tasteful gastronomy, and an incredible dance; which is surrounded by a complicated set of social rules, a range of sounds, emotions, and melodies. Tango is a dance in a social setting, which apart from the obvious social rules of cleanliness, good breath, and pleasant body odor, dancers are encouraged to dress up for the occasion. One particular student of mine truly celebrates the tango experience every chance she gets. For this post I want to show her perspective on ladies wear for tango.

Learn more here! Click!

Pablito: I take great pleasure in seeing milongueros and milongueras dress the part in milongas. I noticed you really put an effort in your presentation, both in class and at social dances. What inspired you to do so?

Christina: I would say the motivation is twofold. I started learning the tango and going to social dances when I was an undergraduate student in Chania, Greece. Despite it being a very small city, it has a very vibrant tango community, with a milonga for almost every day of the week. I used to watch some of the ladies dance mesmerized, because apart from being quite skilled social dancers, they also mostly came impeccably dressed, with beautiful outfits and shoes that really framed their dance beautifully, and also made the tango socials held in small cafes or city squares feel quite festive.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Dance ExperienceThen I came to Toronto and was exposed to the tango community here, with some milongas in large ballrooms and saw the diversity in dance styles and dresses. It is rather difficult getting the right dance experience in the larger events, as people tend to dance with partners they already know and like to dance with. I realized the more you stand out for a unique style, the more noticeable you are and the easier to get dances.

Pablito: Where do you get outfits from, accessories, price range?

Christina: I think you can mix and match many different styles in tango. You could just as easily go for a princess vibe or more rock and roll. I have admired everything from conservative and demure looks to sexy and seductive. I also like it when ladies combine very different styles. One lady in a milonga was wearing what looked like a bright red sash from a traditional Chinese outfit as a belt on otherwise modern clothes. Another had a wriggle dress on and featured a gorgeous bejewelled “slave” bracelet on her left hand (which was draped across her dance partner’s back and therefore very visible and eye catching).

The outfit I remember liking the most was a sort of deep sky blue vintage A line dress with a white tiki pattern. The dancer wearing it really stood out in my opinion in a sea of mostly black sexy dresses.

Stay tuned for the juicy part 2!

the body of tango1

   the body of tango1

Pablito Greco Logo  the body of tango1

feb 4xtango teaching method is one of the most rational and easy to comprehend - participate projects I have ever created. It skips the nonsense of the tango "energy" and the "secret magic" (utopian notions coming from south america 's "maestros"...) and goes straight to fun, which is at the same time the point. In xtango we have the body and the soul (the mind is part of the body). It is physically impossible to dance the tango without the body.

Learn more here! Click!

To test my own theory I organized a large tango seminar in the U.K. for the purpose of an applied dance experiment (in which I measured much more than the following). I went and chose randomly a dancer from the crowd, and asked one simple question "How do you dance the tango?"...Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business London Tango Dance ExperienceThe dancer took a very little time and replied "With my heart". I said "Great! Let us test it and come into an undisputed conclusion together". I revealed from my inner pocket a 2 meters long rope, showed to the crowd and wrapped his ankles together really tight. I then said "Ok, now if you can please dance with your heart". The crowd laughed and so the wrapped individual, while trying unsuccessfully to move around the floor.

That small part of the experiment lasted less than 5 minutes but the most useful outcome was embedded in the mind of the crowd: If you want to advance your tango skills and your dance experience you must first advance your physical skills, the body of tango. Which means making your body more flexible, stronger, and agile.

And before you start thinking that this applies only to younger ages thus younger crowds, I will stop you there and tell you that it does apply to ages up to 100. Whoever has a body, can advance it to the level that nature permits. You can stretch and strengthen yourself for free, even in your room. There is no excuse. In my next post I will share with you few exercises to expand your skills fast and secure!

Tango Nights Secrets™

   Tango Nights Secrets™

Pablito Greco Logo  Tango Nights Secrets™

jan 23I love the global tango community. I am always working towards worldwide projects that promote tango culture and the dance experience, and bring new masses into this captivating lifestyle, online and offline. The creation of the Pablito Greco brand and its sub-brands like the xtango method-classes, tango q&a ebook, e.t.c. are working en route to this vision and are experiencing a success for the last 5 years, +12-14% in revenues/year and popularity, with hard work and consistency.

In early summer 2017 I participated into a fantastic small (small in the eyes, big in the heart) charity Toronto tango event called "Tango Tea" organized by the local café and Mr. Dionysius Prakash Sarvesvaran, aka Dion. Long story short, I was instantly inspired by the atmosphere, purpose, and execution of this event from the candidly straightforward Dion, and a new idea was born that matched my hospitality experience as a professional hotelier; taking this to the next level.

Want to learn more? Click here!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Night SecretsShortly after that, I started working with Airbnb on creating and developing a singular, fun, and genuine tango culture event that everyone can book online and enjoy, the Tango Night Secrets experience. The success of this experience speaks for itself, but what I have to mention is that Tango Night Secrets brought more BRAND NEW people closer and into the tango culture (from U.S., Canada, and Europe), than the last 3 big Toronto tango events combined.

All things considered, I want to give public credit by saying "Thank you Dion for being an inspiration", but also to state that we should support similar events like "Tango Tea" that are actually widening the Toronto tango community quantifiably. A sub-culture develops when the incoming numbers are larger compared to the outcoming (loses) per month, quarter, and year. You can build this kind of projects, and better, I am sure of it. What do you think?

why learning tango

   why learning tango

Pablito Greco Logo  why learning tango

jan 9Like I wrote few years back, "Dance shapes your soul forever". This is a timeless constant. Beyond the "soul", you should learn tango dance for numerous and specific reasons. You will find the main below. :-)

(1) Social. Everybody in tango dance is becoming more social, more open, and more pleasant to others. Due to the nature of the dance experience you will meet new people and make new friends. Your social skills will develop and your network will be broaden.

(2) Physical. Tango dance will help you understand more about your body, the way it works, and how you can relate it with a body of a stranger. Ultimately, you will be able to fathom what the bodies can do on a dance floor, which are the limits, and how you can extend those. Your physical skills will develop rapidly and you will feel much better.

Want to learn more? Click here!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Dance Experience Happy Couple(3) Artistic. You do have an artist inside you, which hides until there is the right opportunity. Tango dance is the right opportunity for you to honestly express yourself, and let your inner creator free. On the dancing floor and through your partner a new era of conveying your thoughts, feelings, and ethos will arise.

(4) Mental. The relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality, is called mental health. Tango dance does affect the mental process of the person, and builds a better acuity and ability to broader calculations, among other capacities. Its effectiveness is no secret to the scientific society since it is already being used for experimental purposes on Parkinson's and Alzheimer diseases.

As one approaches the tango as a culture (including of course the dance and the music from 1900-2018), will find more than an ordinary or stereotypical community of people and skills-to-develop. What he or she finds is more like an exciting adventure which includes countless of dance experiences. a culture with real benefits. why are you dancing?


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merry Christmas 2018

   merry Christmas 2018

Pablito Greco Logo  merry Christmas 2018

dec 25Christmas is an excellent time to restore our faith and express our love towards people and the creation. Tango is a culture based on love; so tango and Christmas go together like peanut butter and bread. :-D Let us open our embraces and share our kindness and respect, fulfilling the word of God.

My lovely xtango students please remember that classes resume at January 8th, 2018 at 9PM; same amazing place!

milonga's etiquette2

   milonga's etiquette2

Pablito Greco Logo  milonga's etiquette2

dec 21• Respect the ronda (the cyclical line of the dance).
• Do apologize if there is a collision with another couple; even if it was not in your fault.
• Never stop dancing during a song.
• If you are sweaty take breaks to keep from overheating; or consider bringing a change of clothes.
• Generally dance the entire tanda, unless the skills are widely varying.
• At the end of a tanda, when you finish dancing, say "Thank you".Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Etiquette• If you do not wish to dance further, thank your partner. "Thank you", signals an intention to end the dance experience and the tanda.
• When you finish dancing, leave the floor quickly assuring those on it are given their space. Learn the etiquette here!
• The gentleman must escort the lady on and off the floor.
• When entering the dance floor, dancers have a right of way.
• Respect your partner’s body-language regarding the kind and use of the embrace.

Like the posts?

milonga's etiquette1

   milonga's etiquette1

Pablito Greco Logo  milonga's etiquette1

dec 8The etiquette is a sum of behaviours, manners, and protocols that exist to help milonga function as an organized social event. Some of them are more serious and basic than others. Participating actively in a milonga means that you have knowledge of the main parts of the etiquette:

The whole etiquette is here!

• Ensure personal hygiene (bathe, protect your breath, remove odours). I cannot stress enough how important this is socially.
• Dress appropriately (avoid extremes). You should remember that first impression is important, and that changes the dance experience.
• Gentleman and lady behaviour is always expected. Politeness is always a winner and it always will be.
• If you want to dance do not spend your time talking. Dancers are not inviting people who are constantly discussing with each other, due to the respect towards the discussion.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Etiquette• Understand the code for a polite dance invitation. Verbal or non-verbal, dancers should know the process.
• Milongas are not for practicing nor teaching. We don't talk during dancing or do anything other than try to communicate with a non-verbal connection.
• Never correct your partner while dancing.
• Do not chew gum while dancing. It's not only distracting for both partners but also bad for the empty stomach.
• In between songs, talking is fine but do not leave the embrace locked.
• If not dancing walk clockwise the dance floor, not through it. The second part is coming!

what's a tanda

   what's a tanda

Pablito Greco Logo  what's a tanda

dec 1A tanda is a turn of dancing in a milonga (one-night tango events), and by association, a set of pieces of music, usually among three or four, that is played for one turn.

Click here if you want to know everything about tango!

Tandas are normally arranged by feeling, orchestra, lyrics, and/or year of the recording of the music. A traditional order of tandas is: T-T-V-T-T-M (T for a tanda of classic tangos, V for a tanda of classic valses, M for a tanda of classic milongas). A contemporary order of tandas include music genres other than the above, and its structure differs a lot by having many variations: T-V-T-M-T-E or A (E for a tanda of electronic, A for a tanda of alternative).Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Buenos Aires TandaBetween tandas a cortina (Spanish for “curtain”) is played, a musical pause (not related to tango, ±30sec) to allow dancers to leave the floor and to serve as a short break between tandas. Long cortinas signal the announcements and change of the dance experience, during which the floor must be cleared from dancers. Stay tuned for more!

what's a milonga

   what's a milonga

Pablito Greco Logo  what's a milonga

nov 26The word “milonga” has three meanings:
(1) Music. Milonga is the music genre created originally by the mixture of quick pace (mainly) music genres like the Cuban Habanera, Mazurka, Polka, Brazilian Macumba & Candombé, and Payada. It precedes the classic tango music genre in history.

Click here if you want to be the best in tango!

(2) Dance. Milonga is the dance genre that uses the milonga music genre to function. No, it is not a fast tango dance; milonga has different movements, role, and purpose.

(3) Event. Milonga is a one-night organized social event where people gather to dance together with tango related music. Participants pay an entrance fee to the organizers to join the event. It is one of the most precious aspects of tango as a culture, and a unique dance experience.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Buenos Aires

tango videocast

   tango videocast

Pablito Greco Logo  tango videocast

nov 19One project that really pushed me even further into tango culture was and is my tango q&a videocast. I gave the videocast the same tittle as my ebook, because the first was a product of the latter. I believe that eduction is a solution for many things; therefore combining multimedia with great intentions, you create a wonderful result from which everybody can benefit.

Want to know more tango secrets? Click here!

• Gardel was French?
• Is Tango a Latin Dance?
• Is Tango Dance a Language?
• What is Tango Dance?
• Tango and Unesco.
• Tango 's birthplace!
• What is Tango culture?

What do you think?

tango nostalgia

   tango nostalgia

Pablito Greco Logo  tango nostalgia

nov 19Let me confess to you what I feel... I want the tango, I need the tango, I love the tango. Every now and then I sit back and rethink about the relationship between me and art. I go back to my old notes, some very innocent tango pictures, projects that have been fulfilled and others that have never surfaced, old videos, and old versions of everything. In short, I collect my self and reposition my artistic emotions.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango RondaBecause it is a pattern in my life, I do this every time I prepare a new big artistic project. Something that has my attention and my excitement. I use the past to learn and achieve more and faster. After all, this is exactly what " dance experience" means.

One of the easiest and more effective way to travel in a blink of an eye into my past is, music. Music forgotten, and tunes that have fallen deep down into my cerebrum cortex playlist. Music that I used to love, dance, and connect with other people. Melodies full with emotional memories; the strongest bond I can create between creation.

Click here for more tango experiences!

When it comes to tango music, my earliest memories (thank the Lord) in my tango career are from the Electronic Tango genre. I remember the excitement, the raw passion, and the need to listen more, dance more, and learn more. I was blessed to begin my dance career with such an open mind.

Tango Nostalgia comes often and usually with happy memories and useful lessons to teach my present. As I am growing younger by the day, I realize how my past should be protected and nurtured, rather than deleted and forgotten. Stay tuned for more!

essential tango check list

   essential tango check list

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oct 14I want a quick fix! To loose weight faster, get ready for the beach just before the summer, get rich in one week, learn to dance in zero time... Wow! Hold on a moment. Let me give you the news. Nobody can buy experience; you have to live it to gain it. That said, take a look at the below tango check list, since it is the closest thing to a quick tango fix you can get online (or just buy this ebook)!

• Sort out your intentions. Ok, so you like dancing the tango; great! Do you have any specific goals? How much time and money you are going to spend? Does the tango makes you feel good? Do you like socializing and have fun? Is dance experience what you are looking for?

All the tango tips and tricks here!

• Master the dance invitation and declination. Nothing says more about yourself from the way you interact socially in the tango community, even before you dance on the floor.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Ronda• Perfect your ronda use. Even if you know a ton of tango moves and you are so eager to do them on the dance floor, they will mean nothing if you lack the understanding of how to follow the line of dance, and how to stay in your lane.

• Develop a firm floor relationship. Security and trust inside the tango couple starts from beneath. Feeling the floor under your shoe soles increases the confidence to move.

• Create a solid embrace. Embraces tend to be overcomplicated. You just have to embrace the way it makes sense for dancing, and feels comfortable.

• Train a basic musicality. Both partners should have trained a basic level of musicality for their steps in reflection with the different tango music genres. Stay tuned for more!

be a social dancer2

   be a social dancer2

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sept 18So my tango goal was certainly clear; to dance with as many ladies as I could, in as many cities and countries as I could visit. I had to make a plan that will be cost, time, and effort effective. I opened Google Maps and pin pointed the closest countries that had developed tango communities. Quickly this whole plan became a vast project; an exciting tango adventure. My boys thought I was crazy, but I was just having a huge crash with tango. I proceeded blindly and passionately towards in what was later going to be called Pablito 's Loco Tour by my boys in the hood.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Social DancerClick here for more tango insights!

Six months later I had managed to visit 12 countries and 20 cities by land and air, spend thousands of euros (hear me out it was a lot), participated in 120 milongas, practicas, festivals, and foremost danced with more than 800 singular ladies (my bet was 500!), and over 300 hours of social tango dancing. I was living in a different nebula, and my name was Astrotango. I returned almost broke, and with my three pairs of shoes ruined from excess tango dancing. I think I was not able to move properly for 3-4 days in a row. My family was very worried but I was sleeping for endless hours with a fixed smile on my face!

As you can imagine, I brought a lot of things with me from all these trips. But the most precious thing, that until today I value the most (as a huge return on investment), was a bulky leather notebook in which I wrote everything. EVERYTHING. Places, names, phone numbers, emails, movements (hundreds of movements), styles, feelings, opinions, observations, tips, tricks, secrets... ALL-THINGS-TANGO. Needless to say, that bold, age-smelling notebook is just getting bigger and bigger and most of its pages are now digitized using the latest and greatest tech (an Archivist Quill which is a high tech book scanner).

That massive dance experience shaped forever the way I see the world, its people, and the dance; beyond tango. A quite different person came back from that tour. A social dancer.

top5 nutrition tango tips

   top5 nutrition tango tips

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aug 23A healthy lifestyle for a tango dancer is all about balance. It is important to enjoy food and to recognize how important it is to allow space for everything in moderation.

(1) Tango dance is an activity in which the body relies heavily on carbohydrate as a source of fuel. Therefore, about half of a tango dancer’s daily intake needs to be from carbohydrate-containing foods, such as whole grains, rice, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, milk and yogurt.

(2) The tango dancer’s plate also needs to include lean protein and healthy fats. Protein-containing foods, such as poultry, beef, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and dairy products help with repair and recovery of muscles after intense social dancing or practicing. Foods, such as avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds, tuna, salmon and walnuts, are examples of sources of healthy fats that support healing and growth.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Portion Time Rule(3) Minerals (like Calcium, Iron, Zinc - maintain strong bones, transport oxygen, support immune system, e.t.c.) and vitamins (like A, B, C, and D - growth, development, release and use energy, absorb minerals, healthy body tissue, e.t.c.) provide the frame of the dancer's body. They are needed in small amounts and are required to maintain health and prevent disease. Fibre will help to keep things moving through the digestive system. Soluble fibre is found in oats and pulses, as well as all the fruits and vegetables we’ve been talking about. Insoluble fibre, which helps alleviate constipation and bowel upsets, is also very important and is found in bran and other wholegrain cereals.

More nutritional tango secrets here!

(4) Water is necessary for the metabolic process (converting food into energy) and it transports glucose to the muscles through the bloodstream. It also gets rid of the body’s waste and toxins and is an essential means of transporting nutrients around the body. Consume plenty before class, practice or the milonga to better your dance experience.

(5) The most successful, safe, natural, and timeless way of managing your nutrition is the Portion Time (POTI©, see image above) rule which only focuses on healthy portions at the right time, containing all the above.

be a social dancer1

   be a social dancer1

Pablito Greco Logo  be a social dancer1

aug 8"What you see is what you get". I think you can relate by saying that I was raised believing that the above phrase was true. Growing older so many standards or truths came into oblivion in my life. This is a sweet story of how I became a true social dancer. :-)

I participated into my first milonga (tango social) after my very first group class, back in the days. The memories of me wearing those brown heavy cowboy boots while trying dancing are so vivid (and scary!), even today. It was a great and fulfilling year. Needless to say, that first group class was enough to shape my horizons for ever; I fell in love and there was no escape.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Social DancerAt the milonga and in the ones that followed a senior gentleman, named John, was there kindly motivating us by saying "Dance, dance. Get up and take the dance experience". How much do we own to this guy I wonder. That external push was enough to fire my already internal overflowing volcano; so I got up and danced with every lady that I could find in front of me. Those were the pure dances, innocent. I sat down five (5) hours later. Yes, you heard me right. Of course back then, milongas in my home town were starting at 10PM and ending at 4AM. People were thirsty for tango.

Become better in tango now! Click here!

That experience was the start of my understanding on how to become better and better as a social tango dancer. The following months me and the boys were putting numbers before each milonga; "I will do 10 tonight" one was saying. "Hah! I will surely do 18" said the other one. I was always trying to beat their numbers... "Wake up guys, I will do at least 30, and that's a promise". Those numbers reflected the amount of tandas we were targeting to dance. It was a simple but yet effective way, to dance as much as we could with a focus on quantity...

best tango tips

   best tango tips

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aug 8"As long as I live I will learn" (Γηράσκω αεί διδασκόμενος). Do you think ancient Greeks had tango in mind when they said that? :-) A very tango-relative quote, I will say. I have gathered below some of the best tips for tango dancers, from my continuous learning experience. Enjoy reading!

Ask. If you don't dig you will not find! I was always the nerd student... I was asking so many questions for everything. Eventually and promptly, this strategy helped me develop my skills rapidly. So I know by experience that as many questions you ask, the quicker your learn.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango LearningParticipate. "Nothing happens if you are not there", said a friend of mine. In tango, If you show continuity with your presence to classes, you will surely avoid learning gaps. Nothing substitutes your own practical dance experience to these learning events.

More tango tips here!

Insist. Most things in tango dance would not come with the first try... It took me months to nail the relationship of my feet with the floor! Your body and mind need time to absorb and adapt.

Write. Yes, I left the million dollars tip for last! This one saved me TONS of $ and time from day-one. Writing down everything is your best tool. I can show you classes that I took back in 2004 when I started dancing. Honestly, you will be amazed. Suggestions for future posts?

top4 tango mistakes

   top4 tango mistakes

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aug 1I know. You love dancing and you want to be better fast. You see, I can read your mind. :-) Fear not, because I have done all the hard work for you. This is the list of the TOP4 most common tango mistakes (and you are going to love them!).

(1) Pushing! Oh yes, this decades-old remnant way of giving energy to your dancing partner has ruined so many good dances! In tango dance experience we embrace, not push. We connect and share, not devour or conquer. So next time you go to the practica or the milonga, forget about using the arms to move your partner, focus on your chest and have your arms as an extension of it. Buttery smooth dance experience!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Posture(2) Not Breathing! Have you seen a dancer over-sweating during a milonga? Bingo! A study we did back in 2014 showed that, more than 65% of the people in a milonga are not breathing properly. This lack of oxygen decreases their ability to move or perform correctly, and induces other cooling mechanisms like sweating. So breath normally!

Click here learn the right tango way!

(3) Not Pausing! I see so many couples dancing the tango with only "one breath"; they forget or do not know the significance of a pause. Just like the pause in music synthesis, the pause in tango is part of the dance. It serves many purposes, but mainly to sustain the sentimental connection of the partners, to let them take a breath, and to recharge their "batteries". Try it next time!

(4) Looking down! Been there and done that, true! A nasty habit for both partners that is caused by insecurity and can level the beauty of the dance couple. Looking down messes with the posture, thus physics, thus balance, and thus result... The solution it to look at the normal level of your sight. Heads up!

how to stay tango cool

   how to stay tango cool

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july 24Summer. It's been sweaty, exhausting and not to mention we are all a bit lethargic after a long day. What can you do to stay cool on the tango floor?

Sweating! I know we all kind of hate it but we all have it! The body 's natural cooling system is our own AC. I would highly recommend to have a small portable deodorant in your dance bag and bring a towel too!Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Milonga CoolHair up! I have to say, majority of my lovely female tango students always have their hair up. But for those who I have to keep reminding, our long hair is like a coat. Having your hair up and off your neck will help your skin breathe and keep you feeling cooler.

Hydrate! Replace your fluids with water. Carbonated drinks don’t work so well and the health benefits aren’t so good. To make it easier for you, bring a water bottle and refill it up so you can drink between dances.

Cool-down! Stretch a little, drink plenty of water, change into something cool and out of your sweaty dance wear. Too hot? Run your wrists under cool water.

Light clothes! Wear clothing with lightweight fabric. Wearing singlets or tops without sleeves can be cooler. Gentlemen keep in mind wearing clothing that is light and breathable. Following simple guidelines you will surely elevate your dance experience!

milonga essentials 2

   milonga essentials 2

Pablito Greco Logo  milonga essentials 2

july 16Welcome back! Let us continue from the previous magazine post for the 10 essential things for the milonga:

(6) Dance with as many people as you can! Take advantage of the variety of tango levels, body types, and feelings that each individual can offer. Always remember that the more diverse dance experiences you have the better dancer you will become (and faster).

(7) Network like there is no tomorrow. Tango is social, so you have a first class opportunity to socialize, meet, and connect with a lot of tango people. You never know which contact will land you a new friend, lover, or even a job.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business(8) Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)! Simplicity is always a winner. Simplicity in tango movement and a focus on the feeling is always the best way to impress and elevate your social reputation. You will not believe how many social dancers prefer this path in a milonga.

(9) Always know the milonga 's etiquette. It is imperative to be aware of the know-how so you can maneuver better than everybody else and have the advantage. Even if other tango dancers are not aware of these codes, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't.

(10) Be YOU. Last, but foremost, is that you should behave as yourself; leave the mask behind milonga 's entrance. People should get to know the real you, and the real you is always the best you. Anything to suggest for this magazine post?

milonga essentials 1

   milonga essentials 1

Pablito Greco Logo  milonga essentials 1

july 10The milonga (tango socials) is the basis where tango and its culture develop. As a social event, the milonga is surrounded by a wonderful and well thought etiquette, which prevents several discrepancies and clarify interactions between the tango dancers and the environment; thus creating an immaculate dance experience. These are the 10 essential things you should do or have when you are participating in milonga:

(1) Prepare a small bag and include your deodorant, perfume, an upper body change of clothes, your shoes for dance, and something for a pleasant breath (not a chewing gum!).

(2) Dress up, if you feel comfortable by doing this. You cannot imagine how important is the first impression you make to people, and how that first impression will follow you as your reputation grows.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Tango Dancing Milonga(3) Always smile! Smiling can make you and others happy, it makes you more attractive and help you de-stress.

(4) If you really want to dance, arrive early and seat at a table around the ronda (if you don't know what ronda is, buy the Tango Q&A ebook) so everybody can see you, and you can approach everybody with ease.

(5) Start dancing with other people as soon as you arrive. The body needs time to prepare itself (lubricate the joints, increase internal temperature, increase cardiovascular activity, prepare the muscles, e.t.c.) before you can reach your best condition and performance in that particular event. The body is the vessel for tango!

(6) To be continued!

summer & tango

   summer & tango

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july 4Summer time provides to tango and its culture a unique opportunity. Good weather and open hearts are all tango needs to promote itself in open air spaces and places; contrasting the common dark indoor events throughout the rest of the year.Pablito Greco Toronto Magazine Dance Business Summer TangoOrganizers have to step up and take advantage of the evening breeze, the gentle emotions, and happy atmosphere that summer is creating, to attract more people into this unique culture. Every day during the hot months, without open air milongas or similar tango events, is a lost day towards the progress of the tango community. Actually, summer days are by far the best time for tango organizers to spread their work to the bigger public and gain more customers for their events. How do you think a community can grow? By making your "product" (tango culture) available and appealing to the large masses as effective as possible. This is the way.

I am sure you will agree that during the cold or winter months tango culture is becoming more like a "ghetto" thing; isolated into low light places that are hard to find, segregated from the big crowd action. A poor dance experience. I would not be surprised if the tango organizers around the world start a community-development research to see that during the summer NEW people are more likely to participate in such events, than during the winter. Communities are not built into the dark but into the light.

There you have it. Promote heavily tango culture during the hot outdoor time and enjoy your hard work during the cold indoor time. Could not be simpler! Agree or not with this magazine post?

canada 150 & tango

   canada 150 & tango

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july 2The 150th anniversary of Canada, also known as the 150th anniversary of Confederation and promoted by the Canadian government as Canada 150, occurs in 2017 as Canada marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Fantastic times to live in really!

Canada reminds a lot the beginning of tango culture, at the Río de la Plata region. Millions of immigrants, dozens of cultures, and a unique mix. Actually Canada has almost the same age with Tango and its culture, and that is amazing! That explains a lot how come Canadians (wonderful people) love and embrace the Tango, from East to West.

If I had to do a safe projection I will say that Canada will be in the next few years the tango destination of North America. Just wait and see! It is already happening! Festivals, marathons, and even milongas host many foreign guests. The difference between USD and CAD assisted tango in Canada, and boosted tango tourism and the dance experience in the country, especially from the United States.

Enjoy Canada 150 and the love it has for Tango!

dance & business magazine

   dance & business magazine

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june 29i always had the urge and need to write things down and provoke discussions with people from whom I can learn and be inspired. luminaries, experiences, business, dance, entertainment, and so many more. so writing was never something new to me. at this point you will normally think that I have done a magazine in the past. yeap! for a gentleman that loves writing and discussing this is the Holy Grail... right? i guess, and life has brought in front of me several opportunities and people so I can fulfill this need.

so here we are, me in front of my computer writing down words of meaning in a magazine... my first online magazine! who would have thought. of course another question that always emerges in these kind of initiatives is the context; the subject of the magazine. what we are going to actually talk about in here? is it tango? dance experience? luminaries and interviews? or maybe play with several subjects all together? well, we have to nail it or it's not worth doing it so!

just as my xtango education method, I have decided to proceed by following the holistic approach. we will be talking about everything, but with one common pillar: dance and business! :-D

so you should definitely stick around as we are going to rock this Magazine.

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